Glassware Price List

S-01 Martini 10 oz. MG        $38
S-02 Margarita 15 oz.         $32
S-03 Champagne 8 oz. MG  CS       $28
S-05 Wine Glass 16 oz. MG  RL       $28
S-07 Big Martini 10in x 9in MG        $72
S-08 Shot Glass 2 oz. MG  CS       $14
Bubble Glass
B-06 Conical Salad 11in dia. MG        $114
B-15 3-Section Platter 12in x 10in MG        $78
B-16 4-Section Platter 15in x 6in MG        $78
B-20 Large Olive Boat 6in x 19in MG        $88
B-23 Small Angle bowl 7.5in MG        $38
MG-01 Small Bowl 6in dia. MG        $30
MG-02 Medium Bowl 7in dia. MG        $34
P-01 Pitcher 64 oz.         $78
Textured Glass
T-01 Dinner Plate 10in sq. MG  CS   RL    $55
T-02 Salad Plate 8 in sq. MG  CS   RL    $45
T-04 Small rectangle plate 5in x 8in MG  CS   CS    $38
T-06 Large rectangle platter 12in x 20in MG  CS   RL    $158
T-07 Square platter 12in x 12in MG  CS   RL    $88
T-09 Oval Salad Plate 7 in x 10in MG  CS   RL    $38
T-10 Large Oval 12in x 20in MG  CS   RL    $148
T-11 Triangle 3 section plate 9in x 9in x 9in MG  CS   RL    $48
T-12 Wasabi dish 4in x 4in MG  CS   RL    $18
T-13 Flat Square Plate 6in sq. MG        $30
T-14 Round Salad bowl 13in MG  CS   RL    $114
T-15 Small round bowl 7.5in MG  CS   RL    $38
T-16 Rectangle platter 8in x 14in MG  CS   RL    $78
T-17 Fish platter 9in x 22in MG  CS   RL    $132
Walther Glass
W-01 Small 'Dip' Dish 2in x 3.75in MG        $20
W-03 'Winx' Bowl 3in x 5.5in MG        $32
W-04 'Doos' Rectangle Dish 3in x 6.75in MG        $35

Design Patterns:
MG = Mardi Gras
CD = Chopstix
RD = Red Leaf


Custom orders and table tops and are priced and quoted separately.  Patterns may be interchanged on certain pieces by request.  Discounts available for sets or bulk orders.  All prices are in US Dollars.

prices as of Jan 2013, call for current prices


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