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Canvas is a new challenge for me as an artist.  After painting glassware for several years I had the desire to express myself in another artistic medium.  The technique for painting glassware and canvas is entirely opposite in development, yet similar in the fusion of color and how it mixes and intermingles.  As with the glass painting, I am continually challenged by the juxtaposition and layering of color on the surface.

Painting on canvas is inspirational for me because the larger surface allows me to become totally immersed in my work.  I feel energized and try to carry this energy and movement onto the canvas.  My work represents my feelings and personal vision.  It has no reference or representation of the natural world. This allows the viewer freedom to imagine and interpret the painting and not be dictated by specific images.

All of my paintings are for sale.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of them!





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